Beaded Buds - Beading a Brighter Future

August 12, 2017

Beaded Buds - Beading a Brighter Future

Beaded Buds is a social upliftment project that aims to provide a sustainable future for previously disadvantaged artists and present their wonderful creative skills to the world. Kim Samuel launched Beaded Buds in 2017 to showcase the amazing talent of the artists and craftsmen in her native country – beautiful South Africa.

Beaded Buds flowers are handmade in Africa by local artisans in the townships of South Africa. Visit our beaders page to find out more about the beautiful people who make our awesome flowers. Why not also check out our charity partner page – a portion of every purchase is donated to the Breakfast Club project which provided a much-needed, nutritious breakfast to African school children coming into Cape Town city from the townships everyday.

Each one of our products is unique so expect some slight variations, but always the highest quality. Our flowers are better than the real thing with their intricate beading and vibrant colours. And they will truly last forever!

Bring the beats and vibrancy of the African landscape or office into your home, your office and your hearts. We are excited about this venture and we hope you are too!